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The current agricultural system is not working. Millions of climate migrants are already seeking refuge outside their homelands due to drought caused by agricultural irrigation. Tonnes and tonnes of chemicals are seeping into our water systems, about half of them from agricultural chemicals deliberately sprayed on fields. The carbon dioxide released from soil by poor agricultural practice is causing the ice caps to melt.

All of these things are happening in large part because our soils have been degraded by conventional farming techniques. We need a system change in agriculture, and DIRT is working toward the adoption of biodynamic farming to grow everything we need, including food for our kitchens, fibre and leather for our fashion, wood for our buildings and herbs for our medicines. Everything we need is grown in soil, and we could grow it in a way that supports the regeneration of the Earth.

At MEDINA we strive to be a force for change

Every MEDINA customer gives back to the earth by contributing to the non-profit charity organisation DIRT, a 3% donation that works to regenerate soil. Regenerating soil is one of the most important actions to be taken in the face of climate change. DIRT regenerates soil through supporting the biodynamic farming movement.

3% from every purchase will go to DIRT, but if you are inspired by the work that DIRT does and the values they promote and are feeling generous, we invite you to donate as little or as much as you can by clicking the button below.

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Founded by Arizona Muse

Environmentalist and Sustainability Consultant

“The time has come to give back to soil, to nurture it. To repay our debt to soil for the immense profits that our industries have drawn from it without consent.”

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